Keep or cut Jordy Nelson

Anybody think Jordy is worth having on the bench? I might drop him and get a backup QB or TE. I’m already gonna make the playoffs.

I would at least try and get some thing out of him. Some one out there will pick him up if you drop him.

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I have dropped Jordy in two of my leagues in order to add depth to my bench.

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Ever heard of the sabotage drop? That’s when you drop a big name player who is basically useless in hopes that someone picks him up and plays him against you. Jordy Nelson seems like a good candidate for the sabotage drop.


Jamison Crowder, Rex Burkhead, Jamaal Williams, Josh Doctson, whatever you can find in a 12 man league (or so).

That’s what you would be looking to replace, the difference with those guys is they either have a good QB or a good situation. Jordy has neither.

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Thanks guys. I need to pick up TE because ASJ is on bye. I can either drop Jordy, Mixon, D Murray, Lynch, or Hilton and get Clay off waivers.

I would drop Jordy, Lynch, or ASJ there. Any is fine I don’t see them winning your league

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Package him in a trade, if it’s still open that is