Keep or Drop Fournette? Picking up Olsen

I drafted Fournette, haven’t had any use with his injury. Keep or drop? Sorry if it’s a dumb question. Need words of wisdom. Also, picked up Olsen…smart move??

Trade him if you don’t want him. He’s a RB 1 when fully healthy and you can get value out of him.


And Olsen is a decent pickup. He should be relavent until he hurts himself again which could this week or soon

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I’ll call it an absurdity to drop Fournette to the waivers. You have two options with him:

1: find the Yeldon owner and make a way to own him
2: trade him (ideally to the Yeldon owner who will value him most)


Don’t drop Fournette. Play for the second half of the season. Someone won our league with 6 wins last year. His broken players returned and mopped us all up.


I’m stashing him (even though I don’t own Yeldon) mainly because I hate selling low (someone offered me Keelan Cole and Bell for Fournette and Julio) and I’m still holding out hope he produces the second half of the season. But dropping him is a waste because selling low still gets you more than you can find on the waivers right now

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Thanks guys appreciate it! Looks like I’ll hold on to him!!

Also you should talk to your commissioner about having an IR slot next year

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To piggyback off this post would y’all take Fournette if I could get him for Corey clement+ someone like Dede?

Or maybe Royce freeman+ DeDe? I have Lindsay

What does that do? Sorry if dumb question. If in inured reserved they are out for the season?

No, typically it’s just a separate bench spot where you can put one player who is designated as out. Just a way of holding on to key injured players without clogging up bench space

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