Keep or not to Keep

This year my league is a 2 keeper league. I’m keeping 2 RBs cuz my WR aren’t worth keeping. My RBs are Gurley, McCaffrey, Chubb and Lindsay. Obviously without a doubt I m keeping McCaffrey. My question is should I keep Gurley, Chubb, or Lindsay? I’m leaning towards Chubb. What are you thoughts, FootClan?

Personally, I’m still going gurley but it’s a higher risk maneuver. The safer bet here is definitely Chubb.

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Swing for the fences and keep Gurley. If he is somewhat healthy and even gives you 75% of what he did last year he will be a top 5 RB. And having 2 top 5 RBs would be huge

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I agree since you have CMC locked down you are in a prime position to take gurley…if you hit you could easily win your league with just those 2 guys…if he is hurt you can pivot with out sacrificing your rb1.

Gurley is a higher risk keep, but I agree with everyone else in keeping Gurley over Chubb. Having CMC makes this an easy decision for me since you can afford to take a swing knowing you’ll have a top tier RB.

yeah CMC is locked and loaded, then you kinda have to decide do i want arthritis knee, i wonder what will happen once hunt is on the field chubb, and is lindsay too small to last, oh and offenseive changes look to benefit royce.

ill take the hampered best RB. so long as gurley plays a full season, i dont think there is any way he ends up lower than RB 16. Chubb i love and fully believe in, but we just dont know what the splits will be come hunt time. and lindsay… i love the story, i hope he does well, i just dont think he has a full 16 in him (at a high level i mean) and i also dont think the new running system will be to his favor.

long story short, Gurley.

CMC and Chubb for me. I do like Gurley, but if I know I am getting CMC, I’ll take a risk with Chubb. I think he could have a breakout year. After Hyde was traded, Chubb averaged just under 20 carries, 100 yards and 1TD per game to finish the season. There is a lot of hype around the Brown’s offense, but people forget their additions they got on defense. Plus the HC is a defensive minded guy and there’s a good chance he will want to slow the game down and lean on his defense. This means handing the ball off as often as possible. I’m not scared of Hunt, even if/when he comes back, Chubb will still get around the same amount of touches. It’s Duke that will be harmed more from Hunt.