Keep or trade Aaron jones

Would you trade Aaron Jones? And if so who would you go for?

Depends on how badly you need RBs or other positions

My answer to that question, and every question about should you keep/ trade _______ player is this: depends what you can get for him. What you need to do is take a look at your roster and see what you need to take your team to the next level. Have depth at RB and need a stud WR? Take him and a lower end WR and target a team who needs a RB. Maybe take him and your TE (if your TE isnt great) and package them for an Ertz or Gronk. The ball’s in your court man. Look at your team and decide what (if anything) you want to turn this sellable asset into.

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i was offered jay ajayi for aaron jones plesase help!??

It’s a full point ppr. I have a guy that wants to trade mixon/aghnlor for Zeke/Bennett. I was debating if a straight jones for Zeke Is worth the risk( suspension and all) My team is as follows:
Wr-Cooks, Crabtree, Benjamin, aghnlor, ju ju, amnedola (Davis on ir)
Rb - mixon, Gordon, jones, Lewis
Te- walker, engram

Hey I’m a risk taker man, so don’t go just on my advice, but I’d roll the dice on Zeke. The opportunity to possibly have a top teir RB at a discount is great. My philosophy with fantasy is if you ain’t first your last, and having Zeke and Gordon sure would help your chances of coming in first.

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What did you do? I think i would take this if youre in a likely playoff spot and winning record as i trust ajayi to come good at some point but i can understand mjssing out on this