Keep or trade Ajayi?

Should I hold on to Ajayi or trade him? If trade, who would I likely be able to get? It’s a full-pt ppr, 8-man league, I’m in 2nd place at 7-1, and the playoffs are only weeks 15 and 16. I was just wondering this because there’s a lot of talk about Ajayi blowing up after he gets settled but there’s also a lot of talk in the opposite direction. Thanks.

I’m in the same position, & am definitely holding on. He’s on a team headed to the playoffs & has only one year remaining in his rookie contract.

If you can survive without him then holding on should be fine, but I’m not really sure he he gets better with Blounts nose for the endzone. Hopefully they phase Smallwood out and only feed 2 backs. 3 back rbbc is scary on a pass first team

I’m not sold on Ajayi even after this trade-I would try and package a deal to an eagles fan etc and SELL HIGH but i would not give him away either-

Also with there record being where it’s at who says they don’t rest there starters etc at the end of season heading into playoffs-I always like to look ahead in that regards-

I will keep Ajayi. I believe in him in this new team.

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Keep Ajayi. /end

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Im keeping. One is he is worth zero now or just a bit because of the trade…so you can trade a zero or wait for the upside and trade worth something OR hold on and have something… I would NEVER trade for Ajai unless I was given away near trash for the hope that he turned

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