Keep Or Trade These (My)Young WRS in Dynasty?

Hey FootClan ! I am in a 10 Team Dynasty League, Full PPR, 1 QB League with 6 points for passing tds, points are also awarded for receiving and rushing first downs, and 0.1 points for each passing completion.

I won our league championship in 2020. I have a lot of young wrs that I am wondering if I should keep or trade. I have been wondering if I should keep all of these wrs as I don’t want all of them to end up not being in ideal and favorable situations that will hurt my fantasy team and get stuck holding on to them, and if I should trade any before they start to lose value.

Jerry Jeudy (talented but uncertainty at qb plus he is on a team with that the ball will be spread around to in Sutton, Hamler, Gordon and Fant}

Christian Kirk (he is in his contract year but AZ will most likely add a wr at the draft and/or a veteran)

Parris Campbell (Hilton may come back? they also have Pittman, and they could add a wr at the draft and/or veteran as they have the 2nd highest cap space in the NFL)

Henry Ruggs (is he a ppr guy? I saw that Raiders are also interested in JuJu)

Jalen Reagor (Philadelphia will most likely add a wr in the draft, especially with the #6 pick, but am I giving up on him too early?)

Darnell Mooney (uncertainty at qb but Mooney could be the guy with Allen Robinson most likely gone)

Our starting rosters are: 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, one te, 2 flex. We have 16 bench spots, and 7 taxi spots. 5 rounds in our rookie drafts.

Here is the rest of my team and draft capital that I have:

QBS: Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Taysom Hill

RBS: Barkley, Ekeler, Gaskin, Gallman, Kerryon Johnson, Damien Harris, Tony Pollard, DeeJay Dallas, A.J. Dillon. I currently have Gaskin and Pollard on my trade block.

WRS: Tyreek Hill, Calvin Ridley, Diontae Johnson, Collin Johnson, Gabriel Davis, Devin Duvernay. I currently have Reagor and Mooney on my trade block.

TES: Kittle, Irv Smith, Jonnu Smith, Albert Okwuegbunam.

I have the 2021 2.04, 3.05, 4.07, and 5.10

I have one pick in each round for 2022, except for round 2.

I have one pick in all 5 rounds in 2023.

If I should make any trades what do you recommend? One guy in my league has been interested in Dillon and Harris, and he has David Montgomery on his trade block, but he would want Dillon plus a starting rb and wr for Montgomery, but I think that is too much to give up for Montgomery, especially with Dillon’s value increasing.

Another guy in my league is rebuilding and he has 9 picks in our 2021 rookie draft, including the 1.01, 1.02, 1.07, 1.08, 2.01 and 2.10.

Any advice and/or suggestions are appreciated, thanks !

id definately hold off on dillon until you see more of what develops in greenbay… id sell high now on pollard to zeke owner incase hes sweatin,… i have same pinderings about young wrs…
higgins and claypool sitting on
than got
hardman, ruggs, deebo… like hardmans prospects goin forward, although bad superbowl could hex him… deebo if he could only stay healthy… than ruggs im at a loss… feel he could be huge, #1 in stacked wr class feels hard to sell low on him but might keep dropping and lose out completely… ie john ross/perrimen

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definately like jeudy, (especially with watson rmours :o ) and mooney… rheagor just didnt look great, if any die hard eagles fans willin to pay up :stuck_out_tongue: … kirk feels like hardman, both waitin on hopmins/hill to age but feel they could step in to fill those roles… think campbells done for value with pittman showin up… thats bout it :stuck_out_tongue: kinda like keryon for a stash, but the lions… and gaskin i feel if you could sell high get a sure piece… miami should be investing in legit offense this year… wr’s/rbs… they spent 100 mil on their lines last year and it showed

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let me know if you get any extra juicy info on ruggs :wink: i really dont wanna sell on him yet, but feel he might be peaked and drop if they pick up juju, or spend another high draft

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Sounds good. If I come across more info about Ruggs I’ll let you know.

I saw that the Colts offered 2 2nd round picks to Eagles for Wentz. If Eagles add even more draft capital , most likely they’ll be drafting a wr or maybe even 2.

@thekev Darren Waller 'impressed' by Henry Ruggs, insists Raiders aren't far behind Chiefs | NBC Sports CA - YouTube