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Keep R. Kelley or J.Crowder


Need some help from some of you redskin fans out there. 14 team PPR league, do I keep Robert Kelley or Jamison Crowder? Both would be kept in the 14th round. Perine pick really made me rethink this cuz I’m a big fan of his.


I’d go Crowder, and would have even before Perine arrived. High volume passing offense, guaranteed slot role with RZ upside especially when Reed has his inevitable injury, had an underrated year last year, and the PPR aspect. And then add in Perine, who is just a better bulkier version of Kelley? Crowder all the way.


Appreciate the advice stanky! This is a great explanation, I feel like the only reason I was thinking about keeping Kelley is the RB scarcity.


crowdahhh (couldn’t help myself). At 14th if either produces then it’s worth the keep but as @StankyHankyPanky points out, Crowder is the better bet this year for season long production - he’s got a consistent floor with upside in ppr which is money. Knowing you have a starting receiver slot filled (I’d rate him as a #2 in a 14 team league) you can load up on RBs in the early - mid rounds a bit more heavily.


Keep crowder get Perine he’s gonna kill it