Keep Receiving Offers for Najee

So I keep receiving offers for Najee from this 1 team, they’ve gotten better as time has gone on but still nothing I’m interested in, and I love Najee. Would you be open to trading him in a deal similar to this? 10 Team PPR (roster below offer)


  • N. Harris RB PIT
  • J. Meyers WR NE


  • A. Gibson RB WFT
  • A. Thielen WR MIN/O. Beckham Jr WR CLE/M. Pittman Jr WR IND
  • M. Davis RB ATL/J. Williams RB DET/M. Gordon III RB DEN

Q - Hurts, Tannehill (likely drop if I make a 2-3 trade)
R - Elliott, Montgomery, N. Harris, R. Jones II, Patterson, Dillon, Pollard, Hasty (IR)
W - K. Allen, Kupp, C. Davis, Meyers, Fuller V (IR), Jeudy (IR)
T - Waller

Bumping for any feedback/thoughts

Gibson Thielen and Williams > Harris and Meyers IMO

Harris and Gibson are bound to produce similar seasons and Gibson has less unknown.

That’s currently my thinking too I just love Harris and took Harris over Gibson at the draft because I think he will be a stud but this depth and improvement at WR might be too good to pass up

Yeah I’d definitely consider that offer. Especially in a league playing 3wr minimum I feel getting similar rb back but upgrade at wr is a deal I’m happy to take

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Gibson, Thielen and Williams sounds like a great deal to me.

I’d already take Gibson and Thielen for Harris and Meyers and Williams is the perfect lotto ticket. You don’t need him but if he hits he’s a huge trade chip or fantastic insurance.