Keep Rolling out Amari Cooper or roll with Thielen, Kupp at WR and Singletary at flex?

So, I’m hoping I’m miraculously going to make it out of this week with a win due to my opponent having a horrible squad. I’m up by 20 with Cooper Kupp left and he has Marquise Brown.

That being said, I am very worried about continuing to roll out Amari against these shut down corners. so my roster is: Mahomes, Amari cooper, cooper kupp, adam thielen, Dalvin cook, Melvin Gordon, Darren waller, devin singletary, James white, alshon Jeffery and a few handcuffs. I start 2WR, 2RB and a flex.

Should I consider rolling out Kupp, Theielen (if healthy) and Singletary and leaving cooper on the bench next week?

any thoughts??

I would play all three WRs and stick with cooper. I am in a similar situation, where I have cooper, thielen, locket and Sutton and I have to start 2 wrs and a flex. I’m planning on sticking with cooper

Yeah I’m always a big proponent of “play your studs” but singletary feels like a pretty safe floor and who knows what’s going to happen with cooper. Likely going to need a win this week, so I hope I make the right choice!

I am facing a similar dilemma. I have Godwin to hold me down as my steady receiver and also have Devonte Parker and Singletary. Part of me wants to stay in the flames with Parker and get the guaranteed points from Singletary

Unfortunately Amari and his bad games are showing back up. I thought him and dak had shown that they could get past that this year

The matchups have been awful and the weather was a joke last night… that’s the only thing I’m holding onto at this point.

He is going to be playing Tredavious white next week so I very well may bench him in the playoffs