Keep Rudolph or drop for Brate?

Debating wether I should hold out with Rudolph and hope is fantasy line comes to form or jump ship and pick up a guy like Brate or ASJ?

I’ve kinda been in the same boat with Rudolph. I was lucky enough to be able to p/u Clay which pulled me through this week. So I’m not as anxious to drop Rudolph now…BUT…if you don’t have a back-up to get you through til Bradford comes back I would DEFINITELY have to take the chance on dropping Kyle. Brate is looking good. ASJ is too…but…wow…IDK…just feeling Brate more!!! So…hope this helps.

Brate. He is the TE that Winston looks for in the red zone. He has good hands and never gets doubled as the coverage always rolls to M Evans.

TY pjscud0319. I was just fixin’ to point that out. Out of the two…I would have to go with Brate over ASJ.