Keep Smallwood?

I picked up Smallwood this past week after Ajayi’s injury. Yeah rrright. LOL…that really worked out huh? Anyway…should I keep him or grab Mike Davis real quick while he’s still on waivers? As you can see, I’m really hurting in the RB Dept.

My other RB’s:


Thanks a mil for your thoughts y’all. 2-3 right now. NOT GOOD!!! GRRRRR!!!

Damn that’s tough. I have Smallwood too and I don’t know how I feel about him. He has a great line and he gets the snaps. But Seattle right now is running the ball a lot and Davis is gonna be used as well.

It’s tough but I’d hold on to Smallwood.

Thanks buddy @Juanny_Futbol . I know…what to do, what to do, WHAT TO DO!!! LOL :thinking:

I view this as a lateral move at best. Jumping from one committee into the other. Depends on if you want to be in the trio of Carson, Davis, Penney (i believe he is out of shape but they paid such a high draft price he will be in the mix at some point) or the trio of clement, smallwood, sproles (when he returns from injury).

I personally believe clement will emerge as the primary back in Philly.

EXACTLY. And after he (Clement) was expected to be limited Thu…and then came out like he did…well…that tells me all I need to know. Just can’t decide if it’s worth sitting on Smallwood in case Clement’s injury re-aggravates. That’s my only thought here. TBH…just not sure I have that much confidence in Smallwood!!!