Keep starting Kareem Hunt?

So as a lot of you are probably also bummed with Kareem once the Dream Hunt, should I keep starting him each and every week or start looking at alternatives? I had Morris but he played last night (shit lol) and I have dion Lewis on my bench who I could start or Davante Adams or Doug Baldwin to flex since I play 3 RBs usually. Idk am I just trippin or should I actually be concerned??

Concern is fair, especially since the volume is going down a bit. I feel like every rookie hits a rough patch. He will bounce back this year. I get the matchup isn’t great, but it could come this week. If I was in your shoes, I’d flex Davante and hope that the bounce back happens on your bench. I don’t have that luxury so I am personally rolling with Hunt this week.

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I would have to agree with @matthew_reller. Kareem was too good for a while. Sometimes I have to wonder if the “set backs” aren’t “Coach Strategies” to throw the rest of the NFL off until time for Play Offs and then BAM…the rookie’s suddenly COME BACK WITH A VENGENCE!!! LOL…I may be wrong…but in this business…all strategies constitute as FAIR PLAY!!! LOL

I’m seriously considering starting Sterling Shepard over Hunt this week. I’ve got Ingram, Murray, and Lynch for RB options, and am in a must win situation. Hunt basically cost me a bye in the playoffs.