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Keep Stashing James Conner?


Is it still worth stashing Conner? I’m in a 2 keeper, 14 team league so it’s pretty deep, but Fowler is available and I’m thinking about dropping Conner for him. I could also drop Latavius Murray. Thoughts?


leveon is a steeler for life (or at least should be). connor is only going to bring value with a injury to bell. dosent seem worth holding onto waiting for a freak accident. id get fowler, more chance he plays more in the near future


That’s what I was thinking too - he’s taken up a bench spot for too many weeks, doesn’t seem worth it at this point. Just hate to think what would happen if i dropped Conner and Lev goes down next week… that would suck.


ya but if yoy could predict injuries fantasy football would be alot easier


If you’re the Bell owner then having Conner is more important than ever heading into trade deadlines.