Keep Thomas/Kerryon?

12 man PPR keeper league. We keep 2 in rounds 1&2. I have CMC, Michael Thomas, and Kerryon and have the 10th pick. We live in Detroit area so he is already overvalued but RB’s generally go really early in our league. Do I keep Kerryon and shoot for 3 WR’s in the following rounds or stay safe and just keep Michael Thomas and punt on RB2 until the late 3rd.

I love the steady output of Michael Thomas but keeping two potential RB1’s for a few years would be nice.

In mocks on sleeper I’m ending up with Woods, Edelman, and Pettis as my 3 WR’s.

Just to clarify I know Michael Thomas will put up more points than Kerryon but I think the drop off at RB will be more severe than at WR.

Michael Thomas would be my choice. I do understand the thought of keeping Kerryon in a RB heavy draft. Its just Thomas’s talent and opportunity is superior.

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Take the known commodity in Thomas…every one is projecting Kerryon to take the jump (I am as well) …but there is a chance he whiffs you don’t have that risk with Thomas he is on a high powered offense and drew brees #1 target…Lions will be a bad team with limited scoring opportunity.

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Truly a head vs. heart debate. Just needed to hear it from someone else

Go with the player you most want on your team. Either option is good and I am a huge Lions fan. Your are right the drop off in RB is rough. Who will you enjoy more on you team, Kerryon or Thomas. Then go with that.