Keep, trade, cut crowell?

i’ve been trying to trade him in all sorts of deals and no takers. should i just drop him and pick up kerryon jonhson?

Is there anyone else you can drop instead? Crowell is worth continuing to try and trade if possible. But K Johnson has the better ROS outlook imo.

not really, my rbs are m gordon mccaffery collins mccoy lindsay and crowell and my wrs are cobb sanders baldwin cole enunwa and mike williams. i might start williams this week so don’t want to drop him, was just gauging crowells value seeing if he was tradeable or just hot garbage.

Been telling people to trade Crowell since week one. Trust him will lose you weeks. IF he doesn’t TD, you’re screwed. If Kerryon i on waivers, I’d drop crowell in a heart beat to get him.

I did precisely this the other day. Dropped Crowell, picked up Kerryon. Ain’t looking back.