Keep Trade Cut: Goodwin, Lockett, Enunwa

10 team standard.

Other WRs are Beckham, Hill and Golladay. I have russell wilson so I like having the stack of wilson/lockett but baldwin’s return will impact locketts targets long term. Enunwa seems to have a nice rapport with darnold but doesnt have a high ceiling and Goodwins ceiling has potentially just dropped with the garropollos injury

for me i’d bail on Lockett. I don’t like what seattle is selling. that said SF could get gross too.

Keep: Enunwa
Trade: Lockett
Cut: Goodwin

Enunwa - Solid floor with Darnold. Will get 8+ looks every week with TD upside. That is really all you can ask foor when one of your starters is on bye or you need a FLEX.

Lockett - Coming off of a few TD’s, Baldwin coming back soon. His value should be pretty high right now.

Goodwin - Beathard is not a good QB and Goodwin was not fantasy relevant without Jimmy G last year.

Ok that’s kind of what I had in mind. Wasn’t sure if I should capitalize on Lockett’s upside now or flex him for a little while longer

I’m keeping Enunwa, even though he’s got a rookie QB Darnold looks his way a ton & it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change barring injury. I’m trading Lockett, he had a nice game yesterday & you could probably flip him to either the Baldwin or Russell Wilson owner. I’m cutting Goodwin, that SF situation is looking pretty gloomy without Jimmy G.