Keep/Trade/Cut: T.Y. Hilton?

Footclan your thoughts? He’s been killing me all season.

Keep or do a package deal trade to get a receiver you’re more comfortable with.

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Probably package trade to resident Luck owner. He’s just so boom bust and mostly just busting these past few weeks.

Definitely not a cut. He’ll bust most weeks but his big games are monstrous enough to make him finish the year as a high end WR2/low end 1.
Package trade him and try to get a more reliable option. Michael Thomas owners might be down on him a bit after these past two weeks.

Side note: most WRs are boom bust. TY hilton is a special kind of boom bust though (like doug baldwin) that might finish the year with only 5 good games. I’d package trade him in your position, to find someone with less weekly bust potential.

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I’m in the same boat. I’m in an 8 team standard league and no one does trades. I may have to kick him to the waivers as I’m really short on RB.


I’m with the rest - can’t cut him but I would try to trade him…get a player with some real upside. M Lee, A Hurns, N Agahlor, A Thielen, G Tate, S Shepard - these WR’s all have pretty stable QB situations and will give you more dependable production. May be hard to find a trading partner with the Indy offense struggling but you gotta ask

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All great advice there. I don’t want to cut him but in a league where not one trade has gone through all season :man_shrugging: I have Allen, Agholor, Thielen and Alshon. Maybe I can convince the resident Luck owner. Seems like my best course. Thanks Footclan!

Would you rather have Hilton or Lee or shepherd?

You might be able to package for someone like Demaryius Thomas. I just traded him off last week, and was able to get Jordan Reed before the big game. He’s got a big name and a few good games, but the rest of his schedule is no good