Keep, Trade, Cut

  1. Ty Montgomery
  2. Davante Adams
  3. Darren McFadden
  4. Mike Gillislee

Standard scoring 10 team league. Fortunately all these guys are bench players for me but weeks 9/10 I’m in a little trouble with Hunt and bell being in their byes and these are my options to play in their place… waiver wire is very thin right now, with the best options probably being Ted Ginn and James White. Thanks for the help, at this point I’m holding as a lot of resistance to get a deal done from other league mates. Open to suggestions, thank you!

I keep McF for the week if you can. (if they are all bench spots then you are good) Probably keep Ty untill he has another big game, then try to shop him. adams i dont think you will get anything for, but trade first then drop. Gillisle i have absolutely no clue (why i avaoid NE RBS if i have any ability to do so)

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I like the advice and that’s kinda where I’m at. I tried to package Gilly and McFadden for Demaryius Thomas but it was close and the owner decided against it. What’s crazy is all these guys had serious value at one point. What’s can ya do, fortunately my starters are more than fine. I appreciate the input my friend, and will most likely hold for now

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would he take Gilly and Ty? hell i would likely give him all 4 for Thomas if thats what it took. (i am in an 8 team league though and seem to have good luck picking up and flipping free agents. or just ask for the 3 players he would need to drop to make room. I almost guarantee you end up with the better overall 4 haha.

Lol he was super close cus he’s the Zeke owner but then just decided to hold. Everyone was trade happy early in the year, but it has sowed considerably over the last 2 weeks. Fortunately I was able to capitalize and build a near super team lol. My starters are insane, it’s just a matter of a flex fill in for weeks 9/10 with those 4 being my option

sounds a lot like my league. and i really get hit by the byepocalypse week 9. bell, howard, hogan, diggs, gronk.

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Yikes that’s gonna be pretty tough to overcome lol

have most of it figured out. although i am playing who should be in first next week too. think i have Shady and Martin at RB. looks like Evans, Diggs (if healthy) and probably Ginn at WR. still need a TE but will deal with that after this weekend. oh and probably Kamara at flex