Keep/trade - Mixon or Gibson

1/2 PPR
10 team league
4 keepers

Who to keep/ trade… Mixon or Gibson?

I’ve been a Mixon truther since day 1, drafted him as soon as he came out of uni, but I keep getting disappointed by him. I want to keep him but also feel it’s time to move on… Let’s just say this, I kept him over Chubb a couple years back… I know…

My other keepers are:

Michael Thomas

I’m pick #7 and don’t have a second round pick.

Other considerations:
Dj moore
Darnell Anderson

I’d be shopping them both. They’re both fantastic and I honestly view them pretty close this year with gibson feeling safer and Mixon feeling like he could have the higher upside. At the end of the day I’m fine with having either as my RB2 and trading the one who fetches a bigger haul.

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Would you consider dropping Thomas and keeping three RB’s?

Thomas could be out roughly 6 weeks… sitting on my bench costing me, I could risk him coming back to me at the 7th spot…

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