Keep Trade or Cut

Garcon, Njoku, Tarik?

Keep: Garcon - Should be a valuable asset back healthy with Jimmy G
Trade: Njoku - Getting a lot of hype this off season, probably has a higher trade value than worth
Cut: Tarik - Jordan Howard is the man here and unless it is PPR Tarik is not valuable at all. If PPR then I would trade either him or Njoku, whichever player gets you the biggest return.

For Redraft:
Keep: Garcon - Will put up enough production to be usable
Trade: Cohen (way too much hype for someone who will see <10 touches a game
Cut: Njoku - Too much of a gamble. So many weapons with Gordon returning.

Keep: Njoku - Young, incredibly talented, needs time to develop and will stand to benefit once Baker takes over
Trade: Cohen - Same reason as above
Cut: Garcon - Too old and not productive enough for you to keep him around.