Keep Travis Kelce or James Conner

In a 12 team Keeper PPR league the following players have already been kept
Lev Bell

Who would you guys keep out of Kelce or Conner?


Connor. Kelce is a strong anchor but in PPR Connor is the right call. My hit on Connor is speed. He’s not going to break many long runs but the GL work is steady. Kelce is also good at the GL but Connor will get more chances to score.

Kelce. The TE position appears to be thin this year and you have the ability to keep the likely TE1. You might as well keep him and concentrate your draft on the other positions. If you don’t you will have to use a high draft pick to get another quality TE. With Kelce you won’t have to worry about a that until the later rounds, and that’s if you want 2 on your roster.

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One good gamble is draft Chris Herndon. Can’t use him until week 5 but he is a beast. Nothing is saying he won’t deliver when he returns and it’s a long season. The TE spot is shallow but watch, a few will show up nobody saw coming just like last year.

I love Kelce but the RB position will evaporate as the season goes on. Always does. TE, not so much. You can get a decent TE, maybe even a steal like Herdon and roll on teams down the stretch.

I say that because I had Kelce last year. Won me a lot of games but what got me in the end was RB injuries and Kittle showing up to the elite TE party and destroying me in the playoffs.

Kelce. He gives you a weekly positional advantage that Conner doesn’t.

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