Keep Waddle or Etienne?

Last year I made a trade for Jaylen Waddle and also picked up Travis Etienne off waivers for free at the end of the year.

Both can be kept in the 8th round of this years draft (I am locking in Josh Allen in the 6th as my other keeper).

Would you rather keep Waddle or Etienne? I initially was leaning Waddle as I wasn’t sure about Etienne’s health or James Robinson’s impact, but now I’m second guessing.

I think both are really good options for this year, but also trying to think about the years to come (we can keep players 3 years before they go back to the draft pool).

What do you guys think?

Waddle is probably a little more of a sure thing, but Etienne has elite potential and is typically being drafted about 20 picks before Waddle, so he represents the greater draft value as well–I’d probably take my shot with him.

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