Keep Wentz or Goff

New to the group…Glad to try you guys out

All TD’s are 6pts for QB with -2 for INTs

Should I keep Wentz and lose my 7th round pick
Keep Goff and lose my 17th round pick

Was thinking Goff just because of the major value . hes going in the 8th and 9 in a 14 league while Wentz is going in the 6th or 7th rounds.

thanks guys

Do you have to keep a QB? If this is a single QB league, I’d advocate for keeping other skilled position players. If it was a superflex, I’d keep Wentz.

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Couldn’t agree with @MikeMeUpp more. If you are not required to keep a QB and this is a 1QB league I would take another skill position player. If this is a superflex, I would keep Wentz.

However, if for some reason this league is 1QB but you are required to keep a QB, I would keep Goff. He is a good value there and you arent giving up anything to get him. I would save that 7th round pick for a position with more position scarcity.

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We do not have to keep a QB, and we only start one QB. I’m already keeping Melvin Gordon in the 4th, I have to Drop David Johnson. I have keenan Allen in the 2nd, have to drop Cooper in the 3rd. I also forgot you can only keep 1 RB.

I do see what your talking about

Maybe I should keep, Keenan in 2nd and Melvin in 4th

Dont realy have anyone else worth keeping

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Loving both Melvin and Keenan this year man. Wentz should be solid this year, but he can be very easily replaced by grabbing a guy late and then streaming the position. You wouldn’t be able to find a replacement for Keenan late in your draft or on the waiver wire haha. Good luck man. Keenan and Gordon is definitely the right choice for your team in my opinion.

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The FFBallers talk about it a lot, streaming QBs is pretty easy and actually a great option. Last year I think their recommended streamers would have finished as the QB6 in overall total production (or something like that)

I agree…Thanks for the help, looking at the draft I will not get anything like Keenan when it comes back to me in the 2nd. I’m glad i posted, just realized since you guys mentioned it.

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Keeping allen in the 2nd is a no brainer. No way I would waste a keeper on QB with that available.

NEVER keep a QB unless it’s like Rodgers in the 15th lol