Keep Wentz?

Wentz has looked awful in the past two games. Anyone think he can bounce back with the Eagles tough schedule or is he droppable?

I wouldnt drop him as he could go off and I bet there isnt anyone on the waiver wire that is worth dropping Wentz over for.

Mayfield and Wilson are both intriguing to me.

Drop Wentz, keep Cousins and pick up Wilson?

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Wentz does look problematic to me these past couple weeks. Not sure if he’s hurt or just a product of awful play calling. But before that, he was giving you weekly floor of 20-25 points regardless of matchup.

Mayfields matchups def do look pretty good coming up and I’ve always been a proponent of wilson as well. I’d say all those guys are in very similar tier of QB. Personally, it’s a coinflip between Wentz/Wilson/Mayfield. I would rather have all of them than Cousins though if I’m being honest. I own Wentz and Mayfield in one of my superflex leagues with mayfield as my keeper (praise jesus).

doesnt help every game the eagles lose 3-4 more high profile players. Their team is being killed by injuries on both sides of the ball and that could be hurting wentz