Keep zeke?

I’m in a 12 team one keeper league… I have Zeke, I also have Julio and Conner. With the situation with zeke right now would you guys consider not keeping zeke, or should I just ride it out??


When do keepers need to be submitted by?

Not till the 23rd, right now I’m just assuming it will still be still up in the air…

Wait until the 23rd to submit keepers. I don’t think his holdout will carry into the season, think he will sign by then. If he does, keep Zeke. If he is not signed by then and you are nervous about him not playing, keep Julio.

Thank you!

Wait until the last possible day… But yes if he still hasn’t signed def DO NOT keep him… Pivot to keeping Julio and then just draft a stud RB… Not worth the risk if he holds out the whole year.