Keeper 2020 help

Keepers 2020… I get 2. I’m keeping CMC, but who should be my 2nd?

Are there rounds associated with who you keep? If not, I think that I would go with Keenan Allen and it’s not even close.

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Like @Jaystay125 said, it depends on what rounds you lose/if you lose them. If you don’t lose any round, it’s probably Allen but you could argue Waller because he didn’t have any change at QB and with all the added talent there’s a chance he has an even better year. Allen has a new QB weather it’s Tyrod or the rookie so he loses some value there.

If you lose a round i imagine you spent high to get Allen and low to get Waller so i’d deff go Waller and then you have a set-it and forget-it TE for the year and hardly lost any value.