Keeper (3) choice 12 team .5 PPR

So, I’ve got some choices to make. Made some moves last year and built a good team and won the 'ship. Now I have to choose 3 keepers (don’t cost draft picks) but I don’t have a 1st round pick. I’m assuming that anyone I don’t keep will not be available when I get to pick as my first one is 2.9. Any advice would be appreciated. Below are the guys I would consider as solid keepers.


I mean… they are listed in order IMO


Without the first round pick, I think it is worth considering keeping Kerryon over Ertz.

I think you have far more flexibility if you opt to keep Saquon, Juju and Kerryon.

I guess the argument is do you believe Kerryon is more than a circumstantially good RB timeshare guy?

… because you’re not getting Ertz’ TE production off waivers over the course of the season

To me this is easy, the first 3 you listed are the only options.

Depends who all isn’t being kept. in a 3 keeper league with no penalty you aren’t going to see any top tier guy on the board. So the three you don’t keep probably won’t be available at 9. Keep Ertz along with Barkley and JuJu. Maybe Woods or Kerryon will be there at 9, but I doubt it.

We can’t really give you more of an answer than your top 3 guys without knowing who all is being kept throughout your league.

I’m keeping Saquan, Juju, and Kerryon easily. I’m fine with not having Ertz when Kerryon can easily be a top 12-15 back and that is much more valuable in my eyes.

I would go with Saquan, Juju and Ertz. Would like to keep Kerryon but just don’t trust the Lions coaching staff. There was no need for Blount to have as many carries as he did last year, and now they have CJ Anderson who is 4 years younger than Blount and a better runner. I have trouble seeing Patricia leaning on one stud RB, I see them using all 3 backs.

You pretty much listed it in order. Could make a case for Diggs over Ertz and I wouldn;'t fight you.

Thanks for the input everyone

Saquon Juju and Ertz are all top 5 at their positions IMO… diggs and Kerryon are nice pieces, but their production is more easily replaceable among their peers compared to any of those three.