Keeper Advice, 12-Team 1/2 PPR

Hey. My main league uses an odd keeper format. Up to 2 players per season, and forfeit your rnd 1 / 2 picks for each keeper. However, you can only keep a player twice before yoj lose their rights at the season’s end.

I head into this season’s draft with Zeke and Hopkins both about to be kept a second time. I either have to trade them mid season or lose them after the playoffs if I keep them.

That said, would you entertain keeping Kerryon Johnson with two years control left and Zeke instead of Hopkins and Zeke.

I will have the 3.02 pick after 2 keepers due to an injury marred pennance of a previous season.

Thanks for any thougts

I wouldn’t get too cute with it, I’d keep the studs in Hopkins and Zeke and lock in potentially the number 1 RB and WR for the year, at worst they’ll be top 3.

If Kerryon had a season like Kamara’s rookie year I’d entertain it but you may well get him back anyway if you wanted and you can’t have him anywhere near Zeke and Hopkins this season value wise so i’d stick with my studs and reload next year

I’d keep Zeke and Hopkins. At worst, you get them for a full season then you have to keep someone else next year.

There must be some teams in the same position who you could trade with? Ie. work out a swap of Hopkins and OBJ if he’s in his second year? The other guys might be willing to pay up for Zeke towards the end of the year to a) help a championship push and b) lock in the potential to keep him the following year.

I’d keep Zeke and Nuk. I wouldn’t expect many of your rivals to have 2 players of this level. I’d go with them and 3.02 and try build a contender. As mentioned worst case you should be able to get a big return from a contending team if you are out of the running.

As one of the the biggest KJ fans on these forums, keeping him over the best WR in the league is ludacris. Don’t get cute with it man. Go for wins now. No one knows whats going to happen 2 years from now. For all we know, KJ can blow out his knee again and then you’re left just holding your weiner in your hand.

Also keeping him for a 1st or 2nd round cost is just way too high when you can just pick him up in like the 3rd/4th round easily.

yeah this is pretty easy. i love my wayward son, but you will be at peace when… you keep hopkins and zeke. johnsons ceiling is super high, i would even say its as high as zekes. but thats not what he is at now and you would really have to believe in him to do it. and hopkins is just maddeningly sick. get this, houstons o line is one of the worst in the league. watson has been routinely beaten into the ground, and he is a mobile guy. 62! 62 damn times last season! and yet, even with that kind of pressure, hopkins still was able to put up 115, 1600 yards, and 11 TDs. could you imagine what those numbers would be with a decent line? if he had time to get the ball out? if they fix the line they may end up being the most dangerous duo in the league.