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Keeper Advice - 12 Team PPR - QB/TE/WR/RB Flex


Edited per DFWB

Hello all. This will be my first post as a member of the #footclan.

My league is expanding this year from 10 to 12 teams. There will be a supplementary 6 round draft for the two new teams. (leery of letting go of a QB or Jordan Reed for that reason) Lineups look like (leaving out kicker and DST):

QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX (Flex can include QB).

Keepers do not correlate to a pick… it is ESPN and we will be using the first 6 rounds for keeper selections.

6 players kept per team, one of the 6 must have been in the league a maximum of 2 years (Parker/Crowder/Winston)

My QBs: Andrew Luck, Jameis Winston
My WRs: Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Michael Crabtree, Devante Parker, Jamison Crowder
My TE: Jordan Reed
My RBs: Doug Martin, Bilal Powell

Obviously I will keep Brown/Evans/Parker but aside from that what do you guys think?

TE/QB will be fairly scarce but i could pick up a functional replacement for Reed during his injured stints if i were to keep him.

Let me know guys and thanks so much, have a great weekend!


Need confirmation: you said 1 player has to have been in the league greater than, or equal to 2 years, and then listed 3 guys entering their third year. Did you mean a maximum of 2 years?


Edited, yes i do mean a maximum of 2 years, i hope that is clearer… thanks for reaching out man :slight_smile:


No problem. My initial thoughts would be Luck (though to be honest, be worries me quite a bit), Brown, Evans, Parker, Crowder/Crabtree and Martin. Crowder and Crabtree is a toss up for me. If I had to choose, I’d probably keep Crowder and shoot for Crabtree in the redraft.


Hey thanks for the reply, I am actually going with these keepers,

Appreciate the input, good luck to you this season man!