Keeper advice, 8 man, ½ppr, 3 keepers - Bell/Hunt/Cook/M.Thomas

Bonjour footclan

I’m in an 8 man league. This year we’re switching to ½-ppr (from standard). We are allowed 3 keepers in the first 3 rounds.
Because I’m withstanding a victorious footclan title :slight_smile: I’m also picking last, in a liniear draft, meaning that I have pick 8, 16, 24 etc.

I have these 4 potential keepers:

  • RB Le’Veon Bell (will obviously keep him!)
  • RB Kareem Hunt
  • RB Dalvin Cook
  • WR Michael Thomas

I’m considering 3 alternatives.

  1. Keep the 3 RBs, and hope for a couple of decent WRs during the draft.
  2. Keep Bell + Hunt/Cook + Thomas. This is the safe bet…
  3. Keep Bell + Hunt/Cook, and then see what’s there for me in round 3.

It’s hard not to choose option 1, because I really love my RBs :slight_smile:

Bonus info.
It’s very likely that 2-3 teams will have no keepers at all. It’s also common that players like Drew Brees and Brady are selected as keepers. Which just leaves better players for the rest of us :wink:

What to do?

King regards
Mads, Denmark

I’d honestly keep bell, cook and Thomas if i were you…

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Bell, Hunt, and Thomas for me

bell and thomas for sure for me

I would keep the 3 dominant RBs. Yes, Thomas is great; however, you wouldn’t have to worry about RBs. And WRs value can be had late in drafts.

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For me I am keeping the 3 RBs, but I think WRs are really good much deeper in the draft than normal this year. I feel RB drops fast and there is no way you get one of them back at the last pick…or at least that would be stunning.

Man this is an incredibly tough decision cause I love MT. #1 fan. Honestly believe he has top 4 WR potential this year if TDs move back toward mean. But I am leaning towards keeping the 3 RBs.

Having 3 top RBs to start a draft is so valuable though. Especially given Cook’s injury history, you never know what might happen with him but even if you lose Cook, you would still have hunt and Bell as the core of your team which provides a huge floor to build from in your draft where you can just fire high upside WRs like no tomorrow.

Also, full disclosure, I’m slightly biased because in my home league last year that I won, I opened my draft with Bell, Cook and hunt. Lost Cook to injury and still won the title cause hunt/Bell floor was hard to beat. And if all 3 stay healthy, that basically means you’re flexing an RB1.

Im in a similar boat, and I’m leaning going 3 RB, ESPECIALLY with 3 pass catching RB’s.

Thanks all for your input :slight_smile: