Keeper advice Adams, Collins, JuJu or trade

In a 12 person, .5 PPR league, where I need to can keep two guys. Won the league last year but went all in and don’t have a 1st or 2nd rounder. Keeper’s draft value goes to next round (7th in 2018 --> 6th in 2019)

The choices:

Davante Adams (6th)
Alex Collins (7th)
JuJu (7th)


attempt to trade for Ertz (7th), Thielan (7th), Evans (5th) [owner would need to discard 1 of those guys]

For me it’s a no brainer…
Would keep D. Adams and A. Collins!

Adams is the clear WR1 for the best fantasy QB. Jordy is also out of the way. Sure graham will see some targets but Adams is a different kind of animal.

Collins is the early frontrunner for the leadback role…it seems that he has fixed his fumbling problems during the end of last year! Buck Allen will be there for passingdowns but early reports (I know, I know ota’s reports) say that he works on his hands too…should improve his targets! So the workload will be there! Dixon won’t be a thing till he lays some eggs!

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Davante Adams is a lock.

I think I would take JuJu as my second keeper. I agree with @stoni_duetto that Collins is worth a keeper and the current front runner for that team. But I don’t trust the Ravens. They played Allen/West/Collins as an RBBC despite Collins clearly outperforming the others.

JuJu seems safer to me.


I 100% agree on Adams, it was a no brainer. It was more of choosing between JuJu and Collins.

JuJu’s age (21) is enticing as well as his efficiency of targets (75% catch rate) with him opposite of Brown to not see The best CB or have safety help. His volume is capped by the mouth’s being fed (AB & Bell) specifically but the uncertainty after them. Add in the fact he had a slow start and missed 2 games (concussion and suspension) his per game output is deceptively higher.

Collins had a lot of things fall his way last year; Woodhead injury, Dixon suspension, West not being good, Buck not being as productive. I see the RBBC by committee notion, but feel it’s more his job because of them neglecting the position in the draft.

JuJu is consensus #14 by ballers, Collins #18. Furthermore in this league the guys that won’t be in the draft pool include —

RB: David Johnson, Kamara, Hunt, Howard, Ajayi, McCaffrey (in front of Collins)

WR - Hopkins, OBJ, Evans, Thielan, Adams, Thomas, Diggs, Gordon

That being said, the drop off on draft night is considerable

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Personally, I would go Adams and Juju. Collins has the stronger upside as an RB, but I’m far more certain that JuJu will at least maintain the production he had last year. His role is safe, whereas Collins is really a few bad weeks from replacement. And that’s not even including the reduced numbers he’ll have from Allen getting carries, goal-line work and passing downs.

I agree. Adams 100 then it’s a discussion. Unless your RBs are incredibly thin I’d keep JuJu. He should be good this year but if the Steelers can’t lock up Bell he becomes the #2 next year on a high powered offense. Collins is solid but if you have rb depth I think Juju has the higher upside

Thanks Rossoj, it’s only 2 keepers per team so 24 guys total are kept. Makes for a good draft but some strategy on which guys to hold or give back to the draft pool

Yeah of course. Good luck hope it works out. I’m about to do my first salary cap dynasty so I’ll have some of these questions next year

Adams clearly.

I want to say Collins. I am a fan of juju but I think Collins can be a sneaky rb1/2 every week. I think juju will be more wr2/3 weekly with round up potential.

Having two solid WR is pretty nice, though. I guess I would lean into juju and smash RB early to grab depth. Fortunately there are times of later round WR I like, so I am not afraid of filling out those ranks later. Starting with adams and juju would make me feel more confident.

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