Keeper Advice - Diggs, McKinnon, Williams, Golladay

Standard league, 14 Team, Keep 2 for 2 years in round selected

  • Stefon Diggs (6th)
  • Jerrick McKinnon (7th)
  • Mike Williams (14th)
  • Kenny Golladay (15th)

Diggs and Williams.

Ez decision.

Diggs for sure. Conventional wisdom says McKinnon since it’s a 5 round discount on an RB who should get alot of work in a system built for him, but his upside is pretty limited. I think Williams in the 14th is the way to go

I’m going McKinnon Diggs here. Two top 15 players at their position for a 6th and 7th is a no brainer. If you like the upside of Williams reach in the draft, but lock down your cheap high end players first.

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Diggs and mike Williams

Mckinnion and Williams for me

McKinnon is a top 15 player? McKinnon isn’t even a top 20, top 25 player at the position.

McKinnon is in a new system and is set for a much heavier workload than he has seen in his career. At this point everything is opinion and projection. That being said the consensus projections and opinions of most of the industry (including this site) has him in or very close to the top 15. There are no garauntees in fantasy, work with the info you have.

Part of the info we have is that he couldn’t beat out Matt Asiata and Latavius Murray.

The 49ers seem to have a different talent opinion than the Vikes and their opinion is the only one that will impact touches. If he fell to even the 4th almost no one is passing on him and in this case he can be kept in the 6th. Even if he isn’t top 15 talent the 49ers see him as a 3 down back and that should push him into that range of production.

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what picks do you have out of interest? I think you can get Williams without much hassle in the draft anyway, won’t be 14th but i don’t think it’ll be much of reach anyway. I ask about pick because and also who else is being/likely being kept will you get a shot at a top RB or at least a couple of good RB2s?
As it’s standard i would Keep Diggs and McKinnon, i really don’t feel good about McKinnon at all though and it’s for lack of options here than banking on his ability.

Diggs and Mckinnon easy. There is a very good chance you’ll be able to get Mike Williams in the double digit rounds anyways

Unfortunately I pick 14th in a snake draft. Other top ranked guys that are being kept are Kamara, Hunt, Cook, Howard. Looks like I will be looking at RB like Freeman, McCaffrey, and McCoy. WR available there will be Allen, Thomas, Adams, or Green. I will be going based on value of those available but might try to grab RB/WR at the turn.

Ah… well i don’t like it much i’d keep McKinnon and Diggs. Then if you can get CMC then any of those WRs on the turn you’ll be in good shape.

Other option is can you trade McKinnon for a pick to give you a shot at another one of those guys mentioned? Like a later 1st or early second again so you can maybe snag CMC and then get two of those WRs to go with Diggs?

This is based on what? In the preseason, they were rotating 4 different RBs and McKinnon was probably the worst performing one. Typically, when someone joins a new team, they want to test what they have in the pre-season. I don’t put much weight into pre-season showings except when they are really really bad. McKinnon and ROJO are the two players i’ve faded the entire off-season and from what I’ve seen so far, both have played out as I would’ve thought. Then what happened? They went out and got Alfred Morris, who is probably a better runner than McKinnon is. garbage pass catcher, but in my eyes, better runner. Could McKinnon be a 3 down back? Sure I guess anything is possible. Will he be? Entirely different question. It’s probably more likely that he’s in a 40/30/30 time share with the other backs. There are at least 2 other backs I’d rather own in SF alone ahead of McKinnon. And I think all the things that have happened since signing him should concern you. If it doesn’t, then good luck to your season.

Like I said, there’s players I would rather draft in the 6th than keep McKinnon for (Lamar Miller, Ajayi, Kerryon, Royce, all guys I’d rather have than McKinnon assuming even draft capital). And I actually don’t think you’ll be able to get williams in the double digit rounds for long. Especially after the pre-season performances. Not saying that increased his value to me, I’ve always been big on Williams but he is going to sneak up ADP in eyes of the public. Already going in the 10th/11th. I think more likely he ends up in the DeVante parker area of 9th round ADP by the time the season starts. I’ll take a 5 round value (albeiet, not worth much at all given late round) on a player who is rising and a talent I believe in over the most overhyped player in fantasy this year.

Even if McKinnon doesnt turn out to be a top 15 or even 25 player he is going to far outperform anything else you can find in the 7th round. If anything he could be a good trade asset, there are plenty of people out there that believe in Mckinnion

If McKinnon sucks, which is my whole premise, he is not going to far out perform anything. Guys currently going in the 7th round ADP who I would rather have:

Andrew Luck
Sammy Watkins
Rex Burkhead
Jamaal Williams

And there are plenty of players going after that I’d rather have as well over McKinnon. Also part of this is based on the fact that I am big on Mike Williams. And I’d rather lock him up for free and get one of the players above then have McKinnon on my team. His stock is falling, and will continue to do so as we get closer to the season.

I do agree with your point though on trade value. If you do think you can go and trade him for another player in his ADP, I would definitely advocate for doing that. I just laugh at the notion of McKinnon being locked in as some workhorse RB1.

I understand that you dont like him but my whole premise is that currently he is valued much higher than they by pretty much everyone else including professional analyst. Even if i hated him as much as you did i would still keep him for a 7th and use him as a trading piece for someone in the 2nd or 3rd round where he is currently going. I dont think that would be hard to do even if he did bust week one.
I also like Williams but he is going in the very late rounds already, there wont be much of a difference if you keep him for a 14th or just draft him in the 12th.
There are plenty of players I dont like out there but if the price is right i’ll always take a great value.

I already agreed with you on the trading point. All my analysis above was based in a vacuum / usage basis. If you want to make the argument to take him just to trade him, I can’t argue with that and think it’s actually the best move. There is at least 1 sucker in your league who believes in McKinnon and you will likely get return on money there.