Keeper Advice for this year. PPR League T.Hill or M.Gillislee

Already have Michael Thomas as a keeper costing a 5th round pick. I have two 2’s and two 3’s this year as well. Should my 2nd and final keeper be Tyreek Hill or Mike Gillislee? They both would cost me a 9th round pick. This is a PPR league with TD bonuses for length of TD 1-20yd is 6pts, 21-40yd is 8pts and 41yd and over is 10pts.

I’d have to go with Hill. I LOVE Gilly, but 17th ere are waaaayyy too many question marks in the Pats backfield, and I expect a big, and relatively safe role for Hill. You could probably also draft Gilly back later than you could Hill.

There are way too many questions*

Hill is without a doubt the right call. You will play him every week and he will make you happy.

Belicheck will mess with your brain. You will watch Gillislee blow up and then watch him get 2 carries the following week. There are 4 very good RBs on that team. Figure out which week each will have a good game.

Another vote for Hill, for the same reasons. Hill scares the crap out of me because as a Chiefs fan I remember the Dante Hall as a WR experiment going to crap, but Hill is a different type of dude. And outside of best ball, I own no shares of Gillislee because I hear Belichik’s quote from the preseason “We need to be MORE unpredictable at RB” rattling around my brain.

I would take Hill, especially with those TD bonuses. He can break one from anywhere.

Thank everyone. I submitted Hill has my 2nd keeper. Thanks for the input and good luck this year.