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Keeper Advice - Hyde or Pryor


In my league each team gets 4 keepers and we start the draft with those players removed. If you don’t keep 4 you lose out on those players because we all start the draft in the same round.

I am keeping Melvin Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, and Brandon Cooks.

I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should use the last spot for Hyde or Pryor?

Any advice is appreciated.


Hmm tough. You need another rb, but I love pryor so much more. I think I stay pryor. You have a lot of bust potential at wr, but the more wrs you add the better chance you have of hitting a top end guy. And i think pryor might just be that.


I like Pryor, he’s go something to prove this year. He could also help you if Hopkins or Cooks have a slow start to the season. Hyde is safe but you know what your going to get with him.


Agree with BusterD


You guys are confirming my gut feeling. It would be nice to roll into the draft with 2rb and 2wr, but I like Pryor’s potential in Washington too much to keep Hyde over him.


Yeah go with Pryor just make sure you try to get a RB early


I’m so low on Hopkins I’d let him go back into the pool