Keeper advice in 14 team PPR

I’m in a 14 team PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1DEF league and we have 6 keepers.

I am pretty certain on who I’ll keep but I’d appreciate a bit of advice to check.

My current keepers are James Conner, Devonta Freeman, DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Hunter Henry.

Would you keep Matt Ryan over Sanders or Henry? Or take a shot on Kalen Ballage?

Thanks everyone.

What would the QB landscape likely look like if you didn’t keep Ryan, who would you likely be able to chose from?

Personally with Conner and Freeman at RB and Hopkins and AB at WR with Henry at TE i’m actually leaning Ryan here. He’s a solid enough QB1 with upside given his weapons. Plus you have Freeman coming back from the ACL and Henry both should be okay but carry added risk i don’t think i’d want another risky player in Sanders coming back from the Achilles .

Plus Sanders is 32 coming off a late season Achilles tear which is usually a death sentence for WRs - even Foreman barley came back from his and his and he’s ten years younger and not as dependant for sharp cuts etc so i wouldn’t be looking to keep Sanders at all IMO

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Thanks for the reply. I think the qb landscape will be pretty good. Allen, Jackson and Roethlisberger are likely to miss keepers on the teams they’re with right now. Garoppolo is definitely available. One of Jameis and Wentz will be available unless owner keeps both. One of Brees and Trubisky too.

But it probably is easier and less of a worry to hold Ryan and look at flex depth down the draft. Thanks again.

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I would probably keep ryan, not big on sanders coming off the injury and not too big on the qbs that would be available

Yup, Ryan over Sanders. His routes probably won’t be the same this season and he’s got a WR killer at QB.

Thanks. The more I think about it, the more I think Matt Ryan is not only safer but just the right choice. I’d be gambling at qb and might end up with a qb that don’t have as good an offense or prospects to be consistent qb1.

The options that are going to be available at Rb and wr will have way more to choose from.

I’d strongly consider Hunter Henry over Ryan. He is likely a better TE option than Ryan is a QB, unless you think a decent TE will be released.

Hunter Henry is currently on my keepers. I’m not expecting the available tight end options to be strong at all. I think Henry is probably the best I can expect to get without making a trade.

No. You do not keep QBs in a single QB league. It’s never worth it. Especially with how many viable QBs there are around the 15-20 range. Unless for some reason your league has a bunch of those weirdos that all keep 2 QBs or something and the pool is limited, then you can adjust.

Sanders has consistently been one of the best value WRs every single season. I try and grab him every year cause he’s such great value. TBH, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he outproduces AB this year if Oakland decides to stick with Carr at QB.

Henry is definitely a pretty intriguing option given how thin the position is at TE but honestly not sure who you would drop in favor of him so I think you’re good with the ones you got.

Kalen Ballage is straight trash. No idea people are still obsessed with this guy. He’s just another big guy who runs fast and goes down on any contact or if the wind is too strong. Let that fantasy go. He’s not a starting caliber RB. in the NFL.

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