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Keeper advice: J. Jones or M. Crabtree


12 team PPR with 2 keepers
1st keeper is Melvin Gordon in the 5th

Julio Jones in the 1st or Michael Crabtree in the 7th?

here are my options:
Julio Jones – 1st round
Jonathan Stewart – 4th round
Marvin Jones – 5th round
Melvin Gordon 5th round (acquired via trade)
Michael Crabtree – 7th round
Coby Fleener – 7th round (acquired via trade)
Dak Prescott – 14th round (Waver pickup)
DeVante Parker – 14th round (Waver pickup)
Paul Perkins – 14th round (Waver pickup)


If you get your first round pick, will there be any players there the caliber of Julio? You are not getting a bargain for him, but say you don’t keep him and one of your other league mates has a first round pick ahead of you and takes Julio. What is out there for you to pick?

If you have a shot to get Bell, DJ, Zeke, AB, or ODB, maybe it is worth it. If you are looking at getting an Ajayi, Demarco, Thomas, etc, then you are better keeping Julio.

I hope that made sense.


It does, I have the 1.06 and by my guess all 5 folks ahead of me will be picking in those spots (vice keeping), I do not think I can get a Tier 1 WR but may be able to snag a Tier 1 RB (McCoy or Freeman)…decisions decisions - thanks!


It is definitely nice to know where you are picking. We have to announce our keepers before we do draft position draw. And Julio will be my keeper there.


I’d keep Crab, he’s great value in the 7th, and you can might be able to get Jones back anyway with that pick. Worst case you walk away with someone like McCoy, OBJ, or Mike Evans. Seems like a good tradeoff to me.


I love the value of Crabtree in the 7th, but I think keeping him over Julio is getting a bit too cute. Julio is a game changer, I wouldn’t part with him despite the fact it doesn’t feel like a value


I’m a big fan of keeping Crabtree here as you’re getting really good value in the 7th (ADP in 3rd or 4th) and as @dwarden stated, there’s still a chance of getting Julio at 6. I’d go back and look at what the guys picking ahead of you did last year to see how likely it is that Julio will still be around. If they tended towards 1st round RBs last year it might could help solidify your decision.