Keeper Advice - Keep 2 of 3

I can only keep 2 of these 3 in a 12 team PPR and whichever one I don’t keep I’ll most likely flip for draft capital.

Kamara (Round 1 pick 6)
Kerryon (Round 6 pick 71)
Mahomes (Round 10 pick 115)

Kamara and Kerryon. QBs easily replaceable and Mahomes most likely to regress hard. Also, you have two fanastic RBs and don’t need to worry about that position at all.

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Pretty much what @dan346850 said. Obviously, you’ll need to draft some back up running backs. I’d take best player available once your pick comes with the exception of TE. I never draft a TE early, regardless of the player.

I’m assuming no Superflex, I’d go the Kamara and Kerryon route as well.

Kamara and Kerryon