Keeper Advice - Kelce vs Gibson - 0.5 PPR

Hey just looking for some peoples thoughts on this for both the long and short term, including what you would do.

Other keepers are Lamar, CMC, and AJ Brown (QB/RB/WR/Flex Keepers). 12-Team League

Any draft capital or other context?

I would take Kelce given you have the RB1.

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No draft capital to keep players, and will be picking 6th. Whoever I let go likely goes 1st or 2nd overall (Depending on their opinion on Najee). Probably going to be a Swift/Montgomery/McLaurin dropping to 6th overall.

Of course would love to be able to trade up from the 1.06 to the 1.01 and keep both, what picks would you give up to do that?

Is there a chance of you keep CMC that kelce or Gibson falls to 1.06?

Realistically, 0% chance :cry:

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CMC and kelce have more upside (imo) due to potential TDS. You’ll have to make the call but I’d look at it this way : would I trade player A for player B. Run an elimination bracket on them and see who comes out on top.

Kelce all day for me, like @jrfearr said you already have the RB1 and with the TE/QB spots filled you can spend your whole draft getting nothing but other RBs and WRs. If you took Gibson. you’d be taking a much lower percentage chance on a TE (or two) given that I’m guessing Kittle/Waller (and maybe Andrews/Hockensen) are already keepers.

Thank you guys for the detailed responses, I think it’s just FOMO of the potential for Gibson to become a CMC-lite that’s so enticing. (Not to mention I kept Evans over Diggs last year, PTSD from that)

Yeah i dunno about your league, how they draft etc etc but I would keep Gibson over Lamar just due to injuries at the RB position. I had CMC and Saquon last year and if it wasnt for Gibson I prob wouldnt have done as well as I did.

We have to keep a QB, or 100% I would keep Gibson over Lamar

Yea, Kittle and Waller are being kept, but I don’t think the others will be.

Pure speculation(since not sure of the keepers yet), but I likely end up with Kelce and Swift/Montgomery/McLaurin or Gibson and Hock/Pitts(if I want that “better” TE)/the others