Keeper Advice:kittle, Bell, Williams

10 team league/full PPR
I get to keep two players… and I’m keeping Kamara and losing my 1st round pick (drafting 10th). Who would you keep from below?

Keep Kittle and lose an 11th round pick
Damien Williams and lose a 15th round pick
Le’Veon bell and lose my 2nd round pick

Damien, Kittle then bell for me

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Damien Williams has the most value if he remains the starter. However, he will have to produce early and often to start the season or I could see KC going to a time share. Kittle would be the safer pick with a +8 round difference although I expect regression out of him this season with all the weapons for Jimmy in SF.

I would go either D Will or L Bell. If I got Kamara/Bell with my first 2 picks in any draft, not even keeper, I’d be happy. I don’t like Gase and think Bell is playing on a team with a terrible o-line, inexperienced QB and not many outside weapons to give Bell running lanes. With that said, he will get 300+ touches this year easily.

I would go with Damien Williams because its the best value for an RB who should have the lead role. Kittle posted historic numbers last year so there will be regression plus he is no longer the only weapon but he is still a top tier TE. Bell doesnt give you much value and with your 2nd round pick you can still get another top RB although i wouldnt mind having Kamara/Bell.

Really all are pretty good choices. But the value of Damien Williams is too good to pass up even if you miss on him it’s a 15th rounder especially since you have the first pick of the 2nd round.