Keeper advice need help

I’m in a 12 team keeper league and I get to keep two players. Julian Edelman in the 15th, Chris Carson in the 5th or Davante Adams in the 1st. They have to be 5 rds apart so I can’t keep Adams and Carson together. Keep in mind I lose the pick for the round they were drafted in and I have the 12th pick cause I won my league last year! Any advice would be awesome!

If there’s really no other options then it’s a pretty easy decision to keep Edelman and Adams. Adams and Carson both present similar ADP/keeper value, with Carson going in the 5th round and Adams late first. In that situation, Adams is a much better player, and can legit finish as the overall WR1 this year, so keeping him at 1.12 may feel like you’re just keeping him close to his ADP, but he may end up being drafted earlier than you pick if you were to let him go. That and we don’t know how much Penny is going to eat into Carson’s workload, or if Penny steals the starting job, so Adams is a lot safer. Edelman in the 15th is crazy value for a guy who should be a great WR2 for the season.

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I agree with DMC…Its Adams and Edelman. As a Seahawk fan I would lean to Carson but I have to be real…Adams really has the potential to be No. 1 this season.

Agree with DMC.
Carson may actually end up going later than the 5th depending on how the situation shakes out at camp.

Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Adams and Edelman. On The swing pick up the best RB available.