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Keeper Advice: Offered a trade


Auction format, 12 team league with 0-3 keepers. $160 budget then after the draft you get a $10 bump for FA moves.

Current options and their current values:
QB: Brady $31
RB: Freeman $16/Gillislee $12
WR: Crabtree $9/Edelman $27/Jeffery $23/Watkins $27
TE: Eifert $6

So I can keep three guys and was working on my list, it was either:

Brady: 31
Freeman: 16
Crabtree: 9
Total: 56 with 104 to spend in the draft

Freeman: 16
Crabtree: 9
Total: 24 with 136 to spend at the draft

Freeman 16
Crabtree 9
eifert 6
total 30 with 130 to spend at the draft

With the second scenario I would’ve had to spend $52 at least for Bell (if he isn’t kept) every other RB in the top 12 is being kept. So I would be looking at like a wood head/fournette for a a RB2 which i’m not excited about as in our leagues RB’s win it for you.

I was just given an offer to send Crabtree over to get Zeke (55), which would change my game plan slightly (you would ask why would the guy do that trade and it is because he wants more cap space at the draft to get WR’s). If this were to go through i’m thinking keep

to total $102 with 58 left to spend on 3 WR, 1 TE, DST, K and 6 bench spots.

I would be set at RB and would look for best value 2-3 tier WR’s. The TE will cost me about $8, $2 for the sat and the K and $1 for each bench spot. So that’s $18 off of the $58 so I would have $40 for 3 WR’s…

Thoughts on which option and why? What do you think of the trade?


Crabtree and freeman are locked in for me. I wouldn’t keep brady, that’s just too much for him. I would rather spend half of that. As for zeke, I let thst go too. That’s way too much money foe 1 guy. I mean 1/3 is just nuts. Let him keep him and handicap himself, or drop him and then you can get hm at a cheaper price. So I think I just keep the 2, and go into the auction with 140.


The issue is that among the top 12 RB’s Bell may be there <for about $50-60> and if i dont take the trade hes probably going to keep him but if he throws him back he will go for around the same as Bell.

As far as QB’s go i threw around the idea of dropping brady and going with the FFBallers idea of going with a lower end QB like a Dalton or Stafford for around $10-$15 but their is a point drop from Brady to Dalton of 105 points and stafford 98. Is saving 16-21 bucks worth losing almost 100 points?


its a risk, it just depends on where you spend that. it also depends on how you draft. i recently did an aution draft where we had 167 million (way more, but esentially the same if you break it down. 1$ for every million) and i was able to submit people for auction in such a way that i got kirk cousins for 5mil. its risky, but if you drive prices up on players you can deplete their funds before the guys you want show up. either way, you do already have an RB1 in freeman, so letting go of zeke is still fine imo. plus you have him on the cheap.

btw as for brady, im looking at a big drop for him in production. bigger run game, less passes plus old man limbs. in the end its all about budgeting. that 15 bucks you save can go towards a couple fliers you take late that turn into super stars. its all subjective, so if thats not the risks you are willing to take, then dont. follow your gut, at least that way you played the game the way you wanted to, and probably had more fun because of it.