Keeper advice on my Birthday

ESPN half point league. Get to keep 2 and they count as first 2 rounds. Players I have are Barkley, Kamara, Hopkins, Godwin…
I know I’m keeping Barkley so need to decide between other 3.

Kamara! Hopkins would have been a consideration on HOU, but who knows if he returns to that level. Maybe, but there is risk.

GO RB + RB and build around that…lots of good WR available to fill the roster.

Honestly you can’t go wrong with the guys you’re choosing from. They all have their pros and cons. However, I think I agree with what was said above and I take Kamara here. There’s so many WRs you can draft, I would draft them slightly heavier since you’re keeping two RB’s, but with them as a foundation you’re looking very solid.

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