Keeper Advice Please!

Need to pick three keepers for my league. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 guys.

Format is that you get to keep a guy two rounds above his previous year’s draft position, or in the 12th round if they were a FA pickup.

Here are the four options:

  1. Nick Chubb: Keep as a 5th Round Pick
  2. Kalen Ballage: Keep as a 12th Round Pick
  3. Adam Thielen: Keep as a 3rd Round Pick
  4. Cooper Kupp: Keep as a 6th Round Pick

Pretty much locked in on Chubb, but need to pick two of the other 3. Thoughts appreciated!

I would keep your first three. I wouldn’t be surprised is Kalen end up being a three down back midway through the season. Kupp already carries the injury risk.

Chubb, Kupp and Thielen.

Keep the guys who can be started weekly with little concern.

Ballage is going in the 9/10 range anyway, so two rounds for that amount of questions isn’t my bag baby.

Today’s the deadline, would love to get a couple more opinions!

Chubb, Kupp, Thielen. All of them are great value for them and you can get Ballage later on if you really wanted him back.

Chubb, Kupp, and Thielen

I’d lean Chubb, Ballage and Thielen. Can’t go wrong with Kupp though too, player’s preference.

Chubb Thielen and Kupp would be my vote. They are easy starts throughout the season whereas the downside of Ballage may be sharing work on a bad team with a mediocre at best o line.

Chubb, Thielen and Kupp would be my picks.