Keeper advice requested

Need some keeper advice, this is my first time with a keeper league. It is 12-team, 0.5ppr. I can select 3 keepers. I will be drafting in the 7-spot.

I am definitely keeping Lamar Jackson for a 9th round pick and Josh Jacobs for a 4th. For the third keeper, my best remaining options are:

Julio for a 2nd
Melvin Gordon for a 6th
A.J. Brown for a 10th

I am a bit nervous about Gordon’s workload and I was leaning AJ Brown since it seems like a really nice value to get likely my WR2 with a 10th rounder. Only concern is what will be available to me in the first few rounds to replace someone like Julio. He is obviously worth a mid-2nd round pick but does that overcome the value I get with AJ for a 10th? Plus, our league does not bump rounds for future drafts so if AJ is the real deal I would have him again next year for a 10th…

Thanks in advance.

Gordon is a no for me! While Julio in the 2nd sounds good, the fact that it is a Keeper and can have the players for multiple years, I would go AJ Brown in the 10th and set yourself up for future years as well.