Keeper advice wanted - Luck or Saquon?

I’m in a 1 player keeper league. I have three choices that seem logical, however I’m torn between two of them.

.5 ppr, 12 man, 4 point passing TDs.

Luck for an 8th
Saq for a 1st
D Hop for a 1st (kept him last year)

Do I go value or blue chip?

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What pick are you? That’s the question. Like if you end up with the 1.01, you wouldn’t wanna keep saquon because you could redraft him

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Yeah, I’m not sure what pick I am yet. I guess what I’m asking is: is the risk of passing on Saquon and keeping Luck bigger than the risk of taking Saquon and then ending up with a pick I could’ve gotten Saquon for in the first place? Complicated. We have to pick keepers before we learn what our pick is. :confused:

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Tell your commish IrritatedTomcat said that’s a broken system.

If you don’t know your draft order before picking keepers then you could waste a first on saquon and be the 1.01 and you could’ve gotten him anyways…

lol i won’t budge on that opinion, keepers that keep by the next year’s ADP are broken and not knowing your draft order before picking is broken

Out of curiosity, if you choose a specific day and data source, to use ‘next years’ ADP for keepers, why is that broken?

I wouldn’t be keeping Luck in a 1QB league. If it’s SF/2QB then I’d keep Luck for an 8th for sure.


I’m a big believer in being rewarded where you drafted them. Not penalized