Keeper Advice - Would You Rather?

12-man, full PPR, 1-man keeper league

Would you rather…

Keep S. Diggs in the 3rd round
(Must swap 2.05 & 6.05 for the 2.10 & 6.10 picks)


Keep Hollywood Brown in the 11th round.
(Must swap 6.05 for the 6.12 pick)

Keep Diggs. I think he finishes top 5 this season


I’m keeping Diggs as well

I would keep Diggs

Brown and Diggs will probably have similar stats until Hopkins returns; I’d keep Brown 8 rounds later.

@AxeElf @JTemble @bhebert2 @BigBlue12

I agree with all of you, lol. That’s my issue. I think Diggs is a top 3 WR this year, especially in PPR. I feel that only moving back in the 2nd and 6th rounds isn’t bad.

However, only giving up the 6th swap for Brown gives me more wiggle room at that 1/2 turn.

I feel like there are more questions around Brown (New offense, New QB, New team, Just got arrested, and DHop is coming back) vs. Diggs, a PPR monster on a Great offense, and no other pass catchers to compete with.

I appreciate you guys and your input! Thank you.

It may be a new offense, but it’s not a new QB–Brown caught 132 balls for 2,413 yards and 17 TDs from Murray in college at Oklahoma over 2 years.