Keeper Advice- Zeke vs. JRob

Which would you choose?

Zeke for a 1st or James Robinson for a 13th? Stuck between the safe pick vs the one with lots of value.

What pick do you have in the first? This is totally dependent on how early you pick and who you think will be available (whether you could just draft Zeke or even upgrade). JRob is a bit of an afterthought in this process.

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Draft order is determined after keepers are announced. I get to pick my draft position 5th so if I go with Zeke, I’ll be choosing as far back in the 1st as possible.

If I go with Jrob, then I will probably pick as early in the 1st as possible to get BPA

I personally think this is Zeke and its not close in my opinion.

Robinson was amazing last season and I don’t think he’ll go away as such but I don’t think he’s going to be someone you ever really feel secure starting this season. I expect he’ll get his most work early in the season but it eventually moves towards an equal share or even slight edge Etienne by season end.

I would love to see Rams move for him though.


I predict if you drop zeke he goes 1.01

Unless there’s something outrageous happening in your league he’d be the only potential top end rb that isn’t kept in my opinion.

Is it possible you keep JRob, end up with the 1.01 and grab Zeke again? Zeke all the way for me. I think jrob could be good again this year, but he’s no league winner imo.

Now that I think about it, you should just keep Zeke. If we’re going by Baller rankings, that’s - McCaffrey, Cook, Kamara, Henry, Zeke. That means the owners of the top 4 players would have to have some kind of unbelievable value (e.g. McCaffrey for 1st, Ridley for 11th) to even consider not protecting those guys. Then you would be able to grab Zeke with the 1.05. Basically, you need a million things to go right just to get a free James Robinson. Doesn’t seem worth it.