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Keeper advice


I am in a two quarterback league where we keep three players.

I am keeping David Johnson for a first round pick & Demarco Murray for a fourth.

For the last keeper:
Should I go AJ Green or Lamar Miller for a second?
Phillip Rivers for a fifth?
Tyreek Hill undrafted, so round 17?

The question for me is whether I’d rather have AJ Green locked in as a second round pick (when it could be worse) or take the value of Hill. Thanks!


The value of Hill is really great, but I’d much rather have my first two picks be AJ and DJ. You’re basically a playoff team already.

Take the studs and make room on the mantle for your #footclantitle


I take green. Green is a 1st round value, even in a 2 QB league. At worst a 2nd. So you will get yoyr money back on him. Hill in the 17th is crazy good value, but i take my locked and loaded even value over a maybe at great value. Plus if you keep 0 qbs that means you need to lean on yoyr top end players elsewhere.


Same as everyone. Green essentially gives you two first round players.


One more question then: if we played two keepers in this scenario.

Should I keep Johnson and AJ Green for a first and second?

Or would you all keep David Johnson and Demarco Murray for a 1st and 4th, ensuring the RB position is stout?



Oh man. Thats tough . I love the value of demarco with a 4th, but green and dj… I think I go with youth on this one. You will get more production for a longer period in a keeper out of green and dj. You can always go fishing for value with a gillislee later at rb. If its PPR you will have other options. Thats a tough one though with it being a 2 QB league.


im not buying in on hill yet. im taking green for a second 100%.