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Keeper - Ajayi or Demarco Murray


Would you prefer to keep Jay Ajayi in the 6th round, or keep Demarco Murray in the 5th round?

1/2 point ppr, keep the player in the round they were drafted last year, 14 team league


I would keep Murray


Murray, sustained superior performance across multiple years (Eagles doesn’t count)


Neither of you guys are worried about Murray’s age or Henry right behind him? Ajayi is coming into his 2nd season with Gase and a now run first offense that wants to get him the ball. My first thought has been Murray as well, and it’s probably the correct choice, but I think Ajayi is ready to explode.


If Ajayi played the Bills 16 times then you have nothing to worry but an average of 54 yards a game is no where close to as productive as you need for a guy going at that time in the draft


Gase has said he wants to get Ajayi more involved in pass catching which he excelled in at the college level. Do you get to keep him forever at this round value? If so I lean Ajayi. Demarco is solid and I think offense ran through him but with new weapons for mariotta and Henry ready to take over he may finish just behind Ajayi.


Ajayi at that price is the smart money, especially if you are allowed to keep the player multiple years.


I can keep either guy in the round they were drafted last year (Murray 5, Ajayi 6) but if I want to keep them after this next year, it moves up to my first round pick. Our league likes having a keeper but also wants to let other teams maybe get a guy after a couple years.

I think Ajayi is a higher risk higher reward guy for the value, but if I let Murray go and Ajayi stinks, while Murray has another solid year I would kick myself.


Ajayi. Younger. Lots of upside. I think Henry steals more carries this year from Murray compared to last year.


From the responses, it seems like a toss up. there are arguments to be made for either guy. I don’t have to make a decision until my draft in August some time so I’ll pay attention to the news and some preseason and maybe the choice will become clearer.


The fact that you have to spend a first round pick on them if you want to keep them after this year would make me pick Murray. I’d be looking at this as a one year decision and go with who I think will give me the best production and I feel Murray is the safer pick.


While Murray is the proven talent and Ajayi is certainly a lesser known commodity, Murray has someone breathing down his neck. A slow start or injury for Murray would be much more likely to ruin his end of season/playoff value than the same for Ajayi.


Good point. If my decision was Murray I’d be making sure I got Henry as well for that reason. Does mean that 2 rosters spots are used up though.


Murray in the 5th for me.


I think Murray definitely has the consistency. Dolphins just decided to become a running team which i don’t fully trust yet. Demarco has the running and passing game. But the one round later i don’t hate trying out Ajayi.


Such a roller coaster for me… Maybe the @ffballers could weigh in? I’m going to try and get Henry for sure and would be willing to draft him a little higher than his ADP


You may wind up having to use the 6th to get Henry…


Honestly never really thought about it but I might try and trade one of them for someone’s late first or second round pick.


I would maybe only do that if there is another player in that round you would want over Murray or Ajayi. Both are sitting with a 2nd round ADP at the moment so you’d be trading them for face value.


True, I probably won’t go that route. This forum feature is awesome, I really appreciate all who have contributed.