Keeper and 1st Round Pick Selection

Picking at the 1.03 this season after a rough year and need to decide on my keeper and how it impacts my 1st pick. I think It’s pretty obvious, but want to see what the foot clan thinks.

The league consists of 10 teams and utilizes standard scoring, 6 pt for all TDs and yardage bonuses over 100+ yards rush or receiving. Players are kept at the round taken in the previous season, only drafted players are allowed to be kept.

Starting roster is: QB, 2 RB, 3 W/T, TE, K, DST

My options worth noting:
Julio or Michael Thomas for a 1st (1.03)
Gronk for a 2nd (2.08)
Dalvin Cook for a 3rd (3.03)
Tevin Coleman 9th (9.03)

I’m currently leaning towards Cook.

As of right now I do not know the other keepers, but am projecting the following being kept by other managers based on keeper values:

Diggs, Zeke, Hunt, Allen, Bell, Fournette, Gurley

With the above players gone I will have good selection at the 3.03 and don’t find it wise to keep one of Julio or Thomas with my 1st. Based on my assumed keeper projections I predict the first two selections to be DJ and AB. Leaving me with a decision at my 1st pick between RB studs like Gordon, Barkley and Kamara or stud WRs like OBJ and Hopkins.

Based on the above would you keep Cook or one of the other mentioned players? Cook to me is a great RB2 option, especially in a league where we start only 2 RBs with no flex. I like the idea of getting 2 starting RBs like Gordon and Cook then filling with WRs for the next few rounds, if Gronk is available at my 2nd pick I would consider grabbing him as well. RBs always go early in this league and I feel like it would be foolish to come through the first 3 rounds with less than 2.

If you were in my position, how would you build the team?

nope, totally agree. julio and MT are not worth keeping when players like DJ, Gordon, and barkley will all be in the pool. more over, cook in the 3rd is decent value. i would be very happy to start with DJ/gordon/barkley paired with cook. my guess is gordon will be the one thats there and im very ok with that.

That’s how I feel as well. The only WR I would consider taking at the 1.03 is AB. He’s the only one I prefer above Gordon/Barkley/Kamara.

i would be surprised if AB makes it to you, but if he does its a damn good pick. i would still take DJ and Gordon over AB myself, but can you really ever complain about getting AB? lol.

Absolutely not!

I just worry about the RB depth at my 2nd pick if I do go WR in the 1st. With the league format only allowing 2 RBs to start each week, having two top players at the position makes a big difference. I feel like WRs can be found all throughout the draft while dependable RBs will be gone by the first 3-5 rounds.

yeah, and thats why i would prefer the others over AB. i love AB, have for years. i always try to get him on my team, and always fail cause i never have a high enough pick lol. but this year, its the RB craze year. people are swinging the pendulum soooo far the other way its pretty sick. thats usually when i zig instead of zag. but man… if you dont follow the RB craze this year, its going to leave you stuck with garbage RBs. i actually had a plan to start the year where i go zero RB and at first i loved it. cause i kept on looking at my WRs going man… that looks so good! but i never liked my RBs and i lied to myself and said i liked them enough. i dont. i never did, and its because of the RB craze. in the 1st round of a 12 man HPPR, 9 RBs are going. 9! thats insane! 6 are going in the 2nd. thats 15 of the top 24 players all being RBs. that screams value for WRs. until you think about what RBs youre looking at in the 3rd if you go WR WR. joe mixon, derrick henry, alex collins… i am not ok with having any of them as my RB1. im very read for everything to start swinging back the other way lol.

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Totally agree! I’m just not sure it will swing that way much by the time drafts really start in a couple of weeks. Maybe a few more RB injuries will force things to change, but right now it seems to be consistent.